Point Cloud Scan

Using Point Cloud data to generate floorplans, create as-built models or recreate environments for remote measuring is well documented to prove efficient and widely used service within the field of AEC. Wieso combines Paracosm’s mobile PX-80 scanner and Leica’s tripod based BLK360 to cover our customer’s needs. 


The worlds first handheld LiDAR scanner with color data! PX-80 from Paracosm is a mobile 3D scanner that lets you capture large spaces in an amazingly short amount of time. Wieso is an official Scandinavian reseller of the PX-80. 

BLK 360

The Leica BLK 360 is the smallest and lightest imaging laser scanner on the market, that will capture with full-color panoramic images overlaid on a high-accuracy point cloud.

Point Cloud captured with the PX-80 (Bird view)

Point Cloud captured with the PX-80 (Detail)

BLK 360 (Point Cloud output with measurements)

BLK 360 (Photo output with measurements)