Wieso + CL3VER 3.3

CL3VER 3.3 was first released back in 2016, intending to make interactive 3D presentations accessible for the broader market. A true pioneer within the field of web-based software and platform solutions for customization of 3D displays.

The solution from CL3VER is built to work as presentation software, architectural visualization, and product configurator. By combining 3D models imported from software like Revit, 3ds Max, Rhino and SketchUp, with the inbuilt editor for UI design and a rendering engine it gives us endless possibilities for customization.

CL3VER 3.3 is designed for the web and is accessible on all platforms. You can also download presentations for off-line use on iPads with the CL3VER app.

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Screenshot of interactive presentation of critical construction detail

Screenshot of interactive building manual

Screenshot of interactive presentation of a construction project with different functionalities

Screenshot of interactive map with highlighted buildings